Sunday, May 2, 2010

Using colour in your home

My lovely readers often say to me that they are nervous playing with colour and often find themselves sticking with safer options that they "know" they will like. Whilst I too adore whites and neutrals, I find it very rewarding to try brighter options on furniture and accessorising with pops of colour.

I have also become braver over time and started to realise, using colour on items that can be changed is the perfect way to give something a new look and lift without feeling locked in. My favourite way to use colour is on smaller items of furniture, cushions and accessories as they can be moved around the home and updated again very easily.

For my Australian readers who are thinking about venturing out into painting furniture with brighter options I would highly recommend Porters Paints who offer the most delightful selection of colours. And the best thing about the Porters range is they sell little tiny samples so you aren't forced to buy 1 litre of paint, you can take a couple of little samples home, try them out and then make an informed decision about the best colour for you. Too easy I say!

I thought these examples were beautiful uses of colour. Fun, quirky and interesting. Kellie xx

Image 1 & 3 from Graham and Green. Image 3 & 4 via Dwellings and Decor.


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