Sunday, February 28, 2010

First day of Autumn...

Today is the first day of Autumn.

The first day my flowers start to shy away and hide over winter.

Here are some little pretties that are sitting on my hall table welcoming people as they pop in. Kellie xx

Photos by Kellie Collis for Ada & Darcy

Homely dreams


I was reading the latest copy of Country Style about a woman who left the city and moved to the Sunshine Coast. Her home was tucked away in the beautiful mountains, with a fabulous water view as well. And she owns one of my favourite stores in Noosa - Talloh!!

Luke and I often talk about selling up and moving to the Noosa region. I adore the place and I think it would suit our lifestyle and future plans. Next thing though is I have to convince Mum to want to do the same. I'm not sure she thinks she would cope with the summer heat. Personally I think you adapt to your surroundings... Right!?
I found this beautiful home. Of course I am not showing you the interior as I would want to make my mark on that although the exterior and the overall feel of the home is just what I adore. Of course that massive pool really clinches the deal!

Now back to my convincing tactics!! Kellie x

From here. x

A gorgeous table concept...

My friend Sarah is getting married in the New South Wales Hunter Valley. She asked me to source ideas for her tables - which of course I was delighted to. I thought this concept was beautiful, especially mixed with fabulous flowers, ornate vases and vintage lace table cloths. I think we have have a winner here! Kellie xx

From here. x

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pretty papers

I saw lots of beautiful stationary today.

Perhaps I should write more hand written notes than sending an email...

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Time to get up...


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Friday, February 26, 2010

Poor Molly does it tough...

It's a tough life for Molly being allowed to cuddle up and sleep on my cushions. She has taken a while to become this comfortable. Now she loves it and makes the most of all her comforts. Lucky little thing!! Kellie xx

Hello Mr Breese, creator of fabulous art!

What fabulous art from Peter Breese. So very talented.
Gorgeous colours and full of style. See more of his work here and here. xx

Is that a pink table I see?!

I finished painting my table and I must say I am delighted with the result. It's bold and absolutely beautiful. I think Luke secretly likes it. Of course Lily and Molly love it too.

I do have a whole lot of paint left... I think I need to find a new little project since I love the colour of this little baby so much! Kellie xx

Ps. I have shown you a before and after shot. How much of a difference does a coat of paint make!

Photos by Kellie Collis for Ada & Darcy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blooms galore...

The divine Porchlight Interiors has featured this beautiful room and I couldnt resist it!
That beautiful wallpaper and glorious blooms are spectacular. Of course I spy some gorgeous pink as well that I adore. There are more of these beautiful rooms at Porchlight Interiors by the same designer....
I especially love the outdoor space with the potted hydrangeas. Until a couple of days ago i had something similar except then I came home from work after a hot day and the poor plant was a shrivelled mess! Kellie xx

Hello morning

Dreamy pretties.

Feeling sleepy this morning - need to wake up for work! Kellie xx

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A lovely idea for my left over wallpaper

I adore this DIY. I now have a wonderful idea of how I can use all my left over wallpaper, and what a beautiful and thoughtful gift for people special! All you need is pretty paper, yummy chocolates, glue and some pretty glitter! Kellie xx

From here x

A pretty palette

What a pretty room - soft, fresh and stylish. Perhaps I should adapt that colour paint to something in our home. My little pink project is nearly finished - just one more coat of paint to go. I hope to feature on Friday to show you all! It's looking very lovely and very pink!! Kellie xx

Found here via here. x

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Roses and lovely napkins!

This is one of my favourite weddings that I have seen of late. Isn't the decor just spectacular and these absolute beauties of photographs were taken by my friend Tim Pascoe.

Loving the beautiful bright colours and the fabulous napkins. This is such a simple concept and how amazing does it look! What is it with me and things with pink lately!!?? Oh yes, and there is lots of lollies! I luuurve lollies! Kellie xx

Something about a tutu

I do love a good tutu, the tulle, the prettiness and the femininity!

From here. x

More lovely vintage finds...

Here are some more gorgeous finds from the fabulous vintage store near my place. I love how they have all their wonderful things displayed outside the shop so all the passers by can see and admire it all. They always have new things too. Here are my recent favourites...

I love this art. This would be perfect in our entry way...

If only I had the room for something so stylish in our place!

I am always attracted to this style of chandelier. The more sparkle the better I say!

What a stunning french painted screen and such gorgeous chairs to match!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Something fancy for a set of stairs!

What do you think about these stripes? I this over at House of Turquoise... I adore the colour and the concept is fabulous, perhaps something interesting for something that is often quite boring!? Of course those painted white floorboards are always a winner for me too! Kellie xx

A pink kind of project

To complement our gorgeous new wallpaper and stylish fabric that is on a lampshade I decided to embark on giving a piece of furniture in our living room a new lease on life. And to do that I purchased the brightest pink paint I could find. Of course Luke was delighted with my masculine choice however being as supportive as he is, he took me to the paint shop and said go for it! Stay tuned for progress pictures... Kellie xx

Photos by Kellie Collis for Ada & Darcy

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello Monday, where did you come from?

Seems I have a case of Monday-itis. I really would much rather play around at home than head off to work this morning. These have brightened my day - hope they brighten yours! Kellie xx

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Did someone say stripes?

I saw this over at Veranda House and it just stuck with me. I think mostly its the fabulous blue and white fabric although the clincher for me is definitely the stripes. My poor Luke has striped shirts, t-shirts and knits galore, I just can't get enough of it! Kellie xx