Friday, May 7, 2010

An early flower market visit...

The ever lovely and supportive Luke came to the flower markets with me, we were there at 4.45am for a 5am opening! Have i ever told you that I hate crowds? Yep, I do, can't help it so thought the earlier we go the better especially with mother's day tomorrow and every person in Sydney having the same idea as me...

And wasn't I right! The flower markets were jam packed at 5.15am just when we were leaving. I grabbed a few pretty bunches and was out of there. Back to bed actually!

What a morning, feels like it was all a dream... Then I popped into our laundry and see all those gorgeous blooms waiting for me. Have a lovely Saturday everyone! Kellie xx

Ps. Promise to show you them soon... xx

Image via Mary Ruffle x


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