Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kirrily, Jayson & a bit of Romance

Ok, so there is only today and tomorrow left of Australian Fashion week, please forgive my repetitiveness in my posts. It's just that there have been so many lovely finds i cant resist sharing them with everyone! And last night and today, 3 more of my most favourite designers showed their new creations. And impress they did!

Quirkiness and prettiness at its best by Romance was Born...

I don't think i have ever seen a Jayson Brunsdon collection that i have not adored. Jayson does structured pieces so well that still ooze femininity and softness through the choice of fabric and elegant details.

I particularly love how well these designs are cut and the neutral tones. Each design is so simple but undeniably beautiful. Typical of Kirrily Johnston.

Source: Vogue

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More things French!

In between looking at clothes, keeping up with my "other life" and enjoying the company of my husband and dog Lily, I am busy scouting the world looking for gorgeous things for the home. I don't even know how i came across these cushions but i think they are just divine. How gorgeous are the shapes, colours and prints?

More from Australian Fashion Week. So what if i like clothes...

So... Maybe it's Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, and maybe i do like a piece of clothing or two. But what i do love is long things- dresses or skirts. Yeah, i know i'm tall but skirts and dresses that are long (whether you are having a skinny or not so skinny day), always make me feel good. For all those petite women out there, let me enjoy this one. I can't wear a fabulous mini as it look like a top i should be teaming up with a lovely pair of jeans...

If i wasn't so utterly amazed and inspired by the divine Aurelio Costarella label I could be very jealous that i was never blessed with this kind of talent... Instead i will just watch and enjoy it :)

Last season i bought this amazing long, silk Scanlan and Theodore skirt, whilst it looks like i don't own anything else in my wardrobe because i wear it so much i adore it and frankly i don't care. I always feel elegant and pretty regardless if i'm going to the shops with Mum or dinner with the girls. 

I was looking through Vogue after a somewhat "interesting" day at work and things seem much brighter! Lots of long skirts and dresses featured for the 2009/10 season..... Ah spring time, please come soon....
Hmmm... Nicola Finetti. May i glam up please???

Marnie Skillings in colour... I love this kind of thing. Just like my favourite Scanlan Theodore skirt, i can potter in the markets in something like this or wear it out with a nice pair of heels!

Black is always fabulous, especially when it is soft and elegant with an accentuation on shape and femininity. Oh yeah, and of course it from the spring/summer range from the talented Marnie Skillings

Recession. What recession????????

Source: Vogue 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful art with paper

As i am sure you already noticed, i do love a flower or two. These paper flowers by french artist Lyndie Dourthe are not only ridiculously clever, they are so elegant and petite.

I particularly love the paper mobile (bottom left image), it is incredibly delicate. Honestly, the talented people like this out there amaze and inspire me!

I hope to make contact with Lyndie and bring these to my store. I adore how unique, soft and feminine these designs are. I'll let you know how that goes! Kellie xx

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Details

I was playing around with my new camera and favourite painting. I love the light of the candle in these shots. Look at the detail, the paint and use of paper is so beautiful. I have had this painting for years and absolutely adore it. It was the gift from someone very special.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amazing Rugs by Easton Pearson

I have always adored Easton Pearson and their beautiful designs (my husband, well, not so much - at least the price anyway) but it cannot be denied they are just divine. I was so delighted when i came across the rugs they created for Designer Rugs. I think what i was most impressed with was their commitment and truth to their unique style and design. They continue with their incredible use of colour, detail and beauty.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The life of my dog!

It's been a tough day for my cavalier Lily; walking at the park, playing in the garden, coming with us to the shops. And now, snoozing on the lounge. Yeah, its been really tough.

Changes are done, i feel so good!

My blog is updated, i have been at it for a while but wow it feels so good :) I hope my blog is fresh, clean and happy, just like this room! Let me know what you think!

Source: Elle Decor

Let me leave you with Cecil Beaton, oh & Marilyn

Im just going to make a few small changes to my blog, i hope to have everything up and running as soon as i can! In the meantime, check out this image below of the fabulous Marilyn Monroe taken by Cecil Beaton in 1956.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Beauty and Lighting

Its finally a sunny Saturday in Sydney and i'm so looking forward to having a potter around with my husband and dog Lily. Its also nice to be able to spend some time on my blog that has been missing over the past couple of weeks :)

I was reading one of my favourite and inspirational blogs, Coco+Kelley and came across these beautiful photos by Sydney photographer Liz Ham. This first photo caught my eye as i adore magnolia trees, when they are in full bloom, their elegance is a delight to the eye and when their petals fall, they make such a beautiful picture on the ground.

The sun coming through this next photograph is just beautiful, i also wouldn't mind that dress that model is wearing! Wonder if anyone knows where it is from?

I'm not quiet sure, why i was so drawn to this 3rd photo. Maybe it is the seagulls flying around or the yellow wig. But then again, it could be the warm sunshine that has been missing in Sydney of late :)

Happy Saturday! I look forward to doing more posts today! Yay! Kellie xx

Thursday, April 23, 2009

jkldesign - what a talented artist!

I was browsing through the glorious Esty and came across these beautiful artworks by Leigh, owner and artist of jkldesign. Trusty Google then found me Leigh's lovely blog which really showed me the depth and diversity of Leigh's talent.

I particularly love the femininity, strength and beauty of Leigh's creations.

Leigh's blog also features an interview she did with Ofifteen magazine and i smiled when i learned that Leigh loves to paint in her kitchen! I was also inspired to read that Leigh's artwork is influenced by who she is as a person, "I feel that I want to create from my emotions and experiences from my life and put it into my work. Sometimes it is in a small detail, but all of what I put out comes from within" . Read this fabulous interview here. 

The use of feminine and dramatic colour brings these artworks to life. I hope to be able to share this beautiful art with our clients.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A fabulous thing to sit on... Or two?!?!

I found these amazing pieces at Chivasso who recently showed their amazing work at Maison Objet. I can't help myself,  i alway gravitate to feminine prints, and romantic shapes.

Which is your favourite???

This 18th century style settee is divine, the fabric is so soft and elegant yet it still has a fresh, modern edge.

Look at the fabulous and legs and buttons in this design, i love how eclectic and fresh this design is.

The finish on the frame of the chair works so well with this elegant fabric and colour, i love how the fabric is strategically fitted as a feature on the back of the chair.

I always love white furniture, the variances in the design make such an interesting look. And pink and white always is very special together.

You love, like or are a bit "so so" with my choices???

Source: Chivasso

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful photography & a ballerina. And then there was me...

I have an obsession this week for amazing photography. Plus i have always wanted to be a ballerina, i'm just too tall and hopelessly ungraceful. Maybe i can just wear the gorgeous tangerine ballet shoes instead and pretend...

And of course, then there was me...

But so Woody says...

Monday, April 20, 2009

6 things i love...

1. Pondering

2. Romance & beautiful gardens

3. Anything Jo Malone

4. Life with  lots of detail and fuss

5. My lovely dog Lily who is so pretty

6. Stripes, prints and things that don't match

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love... Posters!

Im really fond of great prints. They are such an easy and inexpensive way to make a room or wall go from bland to so very interesting! I love to mix up my colours and designs, they can be framed or put on the wall as is.


I recently saw one of these gorgeous prints on the Coco + Kelley hitlist. After checking out their website, and i absolutely adore the entire Celebrity collection at David Downtown . So stylish and very glamourous.


Madebygirl prints always tickle my fancy (and of course there is the great Madebygirl Blog too). 


Papaya always offers an array of beautiful images with divine colours. I had trouble selecting my favourite prints!