Saturday, October 31, 2009

A new little project!

I found a gorgeous little coffee table on Ebay needing some love and affection. Hopefully we can pick it up very soon... 

Now whilst I wait to pick up my table where is that paint again? x

Image found here. x

Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm set

For the weekend that is. 

Flower markets this morning and magazine and lollies to enjoy this afternoon. 

Perfect. x 

Thursday, October 29, 2009

To do list or wish list?

I could put my two Ghost chairs on my to do list although I think for the moment they are going to sit on my wish list... Surely two isn't going to break the bank?!? 

My dining table is calling for them, can you hear it? I can.  x

From here. x

Phew... Friday, I thought you would never come!

I am so pleased you are here Friday. I thought you would never come my dear friend.

Lots planned for this weekend. Flower markets Saturday, a lovely dinner saturday and perhaps some baking Sunday. Can't wait. x

Pictures from here. x

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The console is beautified!

Several coats of paint later my lovely console is painted and I am delighted with the result. As you can see from the original shot, it was quite a dark green and needed a bit of brightening. I quite like it with all the flowers that are blooming in my garden at the moment. Kellie x

Something I adore.

I adore the idea of furniture in a bathroom. 

Stylish room from here, dresses here. x

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What floats your boat?

What floats your boat? Stripes perhaps? Or even a home by the sea? 

It's interesting to see what really excites one person bores the brains out of another... At work today I told the girls I was heading off to look at wallpaper and fabrics and the response was "ah boring" ! For me, I could spend hours looking around at the unlimited options, thinking about ways I could use the gorgeous colours and prints, making little notes for the future. . 

So what really floats your boat? x 

Pic from here

A little piece of advice please?

I come with flowers... Does anyone know a program that will allow me to increase image sizes? Hmmmmm....
Ps. I have an Apple computer... It will let me decrease pictures but not increase the pixel size of them... x

Pic from here. x

Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh hello Miss Darcy!

Of course I couldn't resist these gorgeous designs especially when one of them is called Miss Darcy! Fabulous taste I say and doesn't the chalk on the boards look ever so lovely. I adore pretty things for my hair, love this look with a singlet and pair of jeans when heading out for a Saturday lunch. x

From here via here. x

5 fast minutes....

Made some lovely purchases from Fleur Wood on the weekend! In and out within 5 minutes and had chosen a dress and bolero! Well done Kellie! x 

Pretty pretties!

Here are some pictures of Mum's birthday flower arrangement I made for her. The David Austin's are divine... They left the most divine fragrance in our home that lingered for hours. Kellie x

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pretty on the nose!

I was walking through a department store on the weekend and smelt the new fragrance from Marc Jacobs. And wasn't it divine! Anyone else like it as much as me? x

Pic from here. x

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello soon to be princess!

Hello Little Green Console - you will be transformed into a beautiful white princess this afternoon! x

From here. x

Friday, October 23, 2009

A little teaser!

I couldn't wait until next week to show off Mum's beautiful flowers... Here is just one! x

Excuse Me Mr Baking Man?

Need a new baker to work with you? Perhaps not but Mum's cupcakes taste yummy and they do kind of look pretty even though they are definitely not shop quality! Still a girl has to give it her best shot doesn't she? 

Stay tuned for the gorgeous flowers I picked up this morning at the flower markets - just stunning! x

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something special!

What a darling room! I saw it over at Vanilla Press. I am not generally a red kind of girl but the little stool is a gorgeous edition to such a stylish and beautiful room. Stay tuned for my baking.... Its a slow and steady process! x

From here via here . x

Feeling a bit blue?!?

Well definitely not that kind of blue! I am off tomorrow for a long weekend! It's mum's birthday and I will attempt to bake something... And I cannot promise it's going to be pretty! If it isn't absolutely hideous you may just see a picture or two!!! x

From here. x

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Throwing a spanner in the works!

So here is the plan... I am not working tomorrow! To really throw a spanner in the works I may just visit the flower markets on a Friday and not a Saturday. Who says a girl can't change her old ways!?! xx 

Pics from here. x

My console inspiration!

I adore Anna's entry, actually I love, love, love it! This fabulous space is inspiration for my new console that arrived today. Its a green colour at the moment - hello gorgeous white paint! Love, love, love it! Kellie x

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Excuse me Mr Shutter Man?

When are my plantation shutters coming? I have been waiting so patiently and it's starting to feel like forever! x

Pic from here. x

The growing (but fun) to do list...

Seems I have more things added to my to do list! 

1. Friday I am finally off to source the wallpaper for our bedroom and living space, something lovely and fresh for our room and something bold and fabulous in our living room I think (much to my mother in law's dismay - we are polar opposites, she loves everything to match and I love everything to be different)! 

2. Ah that outdoor furniture. I checked with the supplier and the lounge and chairs are coming either this week or next. I really must find some fabric on Friday to make some gorgeous cushions, some large ones as well to laze around on the deck too. Then i need to find a gorgeous vintage tea set, something that we can bring inside and out that people won't be too scared of breaking and will look divine with peonies in the coming months...

3. More white paint required! I found a lovely little console on ebay. Its not my choice of colour but as you know I do love my white paint so once it arrives it will be given a lovely little freshen up! I will absolutely show you before and after shots!

So much to do but it helps when its things you love doing.... Not like that vacuuming or ironing!!! Kellie x

here and here. x

Monday, October 19, 2009

Too much clowning around?

I am late for work! Ooops....... x

From here. x

Pearls & Diamonds...

I adore pearls. If I could I would have a drawer full of them , something for every occasion..... Oh and with diamonds too, naturally! Kellie xx

Pearls by Paspaley. x