Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simple combinations...

It's amazing how the simple thing grab us. I adore the details in this lovely wedding. The soft turquoise is so lovely with the white and soft pink. Also loving that silver vessel with the mismatched glass vases. Simple, effective and interesting styling. Always works so well. x

Images via Style Me Pretty x

A lamp-ish heaven!

I had a fun night last night playing with gorgeous, bright, glossy ceramic lamps! Too many to choose from a might add... row after row of them. In every colour and style you could think of. Lamp heaven you might call it! Some for the upcoming shop and some, well maybe a couple for me. Kellie xx

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A new painting itch...

I have an itch. That itch is to paint our dining room table. Something bright and bold. Perhaps turquoise. I found this inspiration as examples of how gorgeous paint can look and how it can transform a piece of furniture. Now to convince the husband this would a fabulous thing for him to do for me... Wish me the best of luck! Kellie xx

Images via La Belle x

More tea, baking and family!

Seems I have tea and cakes on my mind this week. Must be because my delightful sister in law (and her wonderful husband and three gorgeous girls) are coming to visit this weekend. I have spoken about Nicole before who not only has a teacup collection of enormous proportions, she is also the queen of baking! Luckily she won't be seeing my disastrous macarons this weekend... Perhaps I need to make some fool proof cupcakes instead... Kellie xx

Image via Country Living x

Monday, June 28, 2010

Garden party...

I thought this was a gorgeous image! Those large glass windows, the white furniture, the soft floral arrangements and the beautiful trees in the background. The perfect setting for a divine lunch... Kellie xx

Image via Tiny White Daisies, fashion from Net-a-Porter x


Being a tea lover, I have adored Katy Pott's range for a while now and was delighted to see she had added more teapot and teacups to her range! So, so gorgeous! And to make things even more exciting, she ships to Australia!

Have a gorgeous day, even if it is freezing cold in Sydney! Kellie xx

Images via Katy Potts x

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cushion and two girls!

Whilst I adore cushions {as I am sure you all probably know by now}, I have always had someone else make them for me .. Until now! Mum and I went on a cushion making class on Friday, whilst I only had one teeny tiny incident with a zipper, I ended up with a pretty good product. Not sure how long those pretty little bobbles will last with Miss Molly but they look very sweet nonetheless. Lily quite likes it as well! Kellie xx

Photos by Kellie Collis for Ada and Darcy x

A baking (sort of) disaster!

Well... My baking of macarons (or macaroons - i can't seem to find consistent spelling) wasn't so successful. Whilst they tasted delicious, they looked, well, a bit like golf balls when they were joined together. Rookie error - thinking they would flatten out with the heat! Sadly, they just were too ah, ugly (and embarrassing) to show you all... There is always next weekend! Kellie xx

Image via Miss Wallflower x

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Plans for today

I'm excited about a spot of baking today - have a gorgeous Sunday everyone! Kellie xx

Image via This is Glamourous x

Friday, June 25, 2010

The magic of paper straws..

Aren't paper straws so lovely! My best friend Kate, adores paper straws... She thinks drinks taste better with them. I'd kind of have to agree as well. It's odd isn't it how the aesthetic of something can influence how much you enjoy something. Have a gorgeous weekend! Kellie xx

Images via Such Pretty Things x

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wallpaper - bathroom style!

I have to say I love wallpaper in bathrooms! So vibrant and I just adore wallpaper in smaller spaces! Gorgeous! Have a fabulous weekend lovelies! Kellie xx

Bathrooms from Living Etc, Style Court, Room Envy x

Spending time outside

I'm very excited about spending a bit more time outside today. Perhaps and a good coffee or two. Kellie xx

Image via La belle x

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flowers and an update ...

Doesn't get much better than this - stunning flowers with a magnificent vessel! I have had a few emails of late about my shop and where things are at. I'm currently having the website built and ordering gorgeous products from around the world. I will keep you all updated on it's progress. Kellie xx

image via Decor 8 x

A classical and beautiful interior...

What a darling interior - so classically beautiful but relaxed and effortless all at the same time. I do also quite like those soft blue walls with the white details, makes for a calming space as well. Kellie xx

Image via House of Turquoise. x

Beautiful interiors - in art!

What beautiful, colourful and fun art! Feeling like I have the flu coming on... These gorgeous colours have made me feel better all ready! Have a lovely evening everyone xx

Art from Shannspishak x

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spring like styling!

Despite it being cold and in the middle of winter in Sydney, I cant help but gravitate to 'spring' like styling... Plus this gorgeous event made me extra happy as some of the gorgeous accessories here are featured in my shop! Kellie xx

Images via Style Me Pretty x

Monday, June 21, 2010

Aqua and aqua ....

A gorgeous space; inside and out. Doesn't the aqua of the pool compliment the striped sofa fabric amazingly well. Wouldn't it be a dream to wake up in this wonderful space each day. Classically elegant with a touch of pizazz! Kellie xx

Images via House of Turquoise x

Gorgeous, gorgeous cane...

Whilst the view here is delightful, what I was most interested in was that painted cane furniture! What a beautiful colour and just shows you, that old cane furniture I know Mum has hiding away in the garage, with just a tiny amount of effort, can come up looking stylish and new again. Throw on a gorgeous cushion or two and you have a winner! Kellie xx

Image via Vintage Home x

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A stylish little bin!

I still quite haven't gotten around to giving my office space a facelift. I spotted this fabulous bin last night... Perhaps that's the perfect and most stylish way to start! Kellie xx

Room via This Is Glamourous, gorgeous bin from Decorative Instincts x

Another delightful combo...

I thought I would kick start the week off with a gorgeous colour combo - green and pink with a touch of gold. Classical, soft and always delightful! Have a lovely week everyone. Kellie xx

Image via Sarah Kaye, dress via Net-a-Porter x

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A trivial point of view...

What a divine image! That turquoise works so well with the lemon. It's funny, I much prefer 'lemon' over yellow... Despite the fact my husband would argue they are exactly the same! Kind of like 'tangerine' and orange! Ah the trivialities of colour and prettiness. Have a lovely Sunday everyone. Kellie xx

Image from Degournay via La Belle x

Friday, June 18, 2010

An error !

I slept in... Which means... Wait for it.. I'm late for the flower markets!!

Have a beautiful Saturday everyone... Kellie xx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toys to play with....

I still haven't purchased a SLR camera and all the other lenses jazz as I couldn't decide on which one - annoying I know! Luckily Luke's friend is a photographer and is lending me his 'baby' for the weekend and all the bells and whistles that goes with it. Hopefully next week ill have some 'pretty' shots - very, very excited! Then maybe, just maybe I can select the camera...

Have a glamourous weekend everyone! I'll be spending time in front of the computer - still glamourous if you ask me... Kellie xx

Image by La Belle x