Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clean before a break?

My best friend Kate and I had this conversation the other day. For me, before the weekend, I have to clean and re-organise my house. Why? Because I cannot relax knowing that it isn't all sorted. Perhaps cleaning and tidying up means I am letting go of the previous week's work. So tonight you can guarantee i'll be vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing....

For Kate though, she couldn't think of anything worse after a week of work, coming home on a Friday (or for this weekend, a Thursday) and spend the night cleaning. She spends it relaxing and worrying about dusting another day. That night is all about Kate and her partner and spending it just how she pleases.

I kind of wish I could do that but I know i'd try it and be annoyed by every bit of fluff i saw!

Pedantic!? Possibly! Anyone else like me? Kellie x

Photo by Kellie Collis for Ada & Darcy


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