Monday, February 15, 2010

A favourite is for sale...

I have passed this home everytime I drove to and from Mum's place at Cabarita, a tiny little fabulous suburb in Sydney. I always would say to Luke one day we are going to buy that place! Unfortunately though, this gorgeous home is for sale and we aren't quite ready to purchase it! Perhaps I should knock on the door and ask the owner if they will hold off on selling this beauty just for another year or two? Or if not and I am really, really lucky, the new owners will decide it wasn't for them and they really need to move on.

There is so many things I adore about it... It's age, its lovely feel, the cottage gardens and it's pretty location. I haven't shown you inside as it isnt my cup of tea but the inside is the easy bit. You know me i'd paint everything white including those original floorboards! Heaven!! Kellie xx

From here. If you buy it, please let me know so I can pop by for tea and cupcakes!


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