Monday, February 8, 2010

Sharing your tips with me! Please?!

Luke is getting himself organised to hang this wallpaper. I received some fabulous advice from Mel's Rose Place ; "One thing i found with the glue is that it stays wet for a LONG time so there is no rush in getting it all up quickly. Think that is where i went a bit wrong in that i tried to rush it believing that the glue was about to dry. Mine was a powder that you mixed up into a glue , like a cake mix!! I also found it was easier to trim once it was all dry and now being day 2 mine looks 100% better than it did yesterday."

This lovely advice made me realise, there are so many clever people out there, surely I can use your knowledge to help Luke along? I would love to hear from you if you have hung wallpaper, read anything about hanging wallpaper or perhaps you just have well something good or bad to say about it! Thank you from me and a BIG thank you from Luke in advance. Kellie xx


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