Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ada & Darcy Products meet Oprah!

How exciting - seeing Oprah with Ada & Darcy cushions last night! I had the wonderful opportunity of being asked by the talented (and super lovely) Sharnel from Sharnel Dollar Designs if she could use Ada & Darcy items in design project for the baby shower Oprah held for a lucky Australian mother. And didnt Sharnel do a fabulous job and made those cushions look extra delightful!

Also used were those fabulous Rubie Green lampshades and white lamp bases and Moroccan Pouffes. Just special!! It was also very nice as my Mum was just as excited as me!

Kellie xx

Ps. On a side note, im losing sleep over the beauty of that drink dispenser below and {here} from Sharnel's store. I really need one, I cant stop thinking about it!


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