Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Oh i'd love to head off for a warm little getaway, by the pool... Have had a bit of a dozzie week. Some things have gone pear shaped and then had some beautiful new cushion fabric cut the wrong way, Luke was with me when I saw it and said all i could do was hold my head. I couldn't think straight! Oops. Luckily we found a solution to the slight hick up and the show will go on... Does things come in 3's cause hopefully ive hit my share!

In fabulous news though, I did see the new turquoise zebra cushions with hot pink rope trim that will be coming to the store very soon and they are outrageously gorgeous. That made me feel much happier. Also collected were some pretty little pom pom ones in apricot floral. Soft and delightful...

On a side note, here are more of my roses in my pink ginger jar on the dining room table. Kellie xx


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