Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feeling rejuvenated!

I'm back from a lovely few days away and I feel rejuvenated!

My two favourite moments from the weekend was lunch at Press Club and also dessert at Il Fornaio. Press Club was just amazing, we had the banquet, the food was incredible and so special and the service was second to none. Il Fornaio was delightful as well, I had the 'Snickers' dessert (yes that incredible one from Master Chef) along with an amazing glass of dessert wine - heaven!

The two experiences were very different, Press Club had such a classy, stylish feel whilst Il Fornaio was rustic, charming and full of personality. I loved the decor in Il Il Fornaio particulary the divine lighting... Sadly being an absolute dessert lover, there is nothing like it in Sydney and will just have to visit Melbourne more often!

I hope everyone has had a delightful few days! Kellie xx

Image via Turquoise and Tulips - original source unknown x


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