Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Classic Contemporary Interior Design

Classic Contemporary Interior


Classic Contemporary Living Room 
Interior Design
At first glance the classic contemporary interior of this home impresses with large volumes of forms smooth lines, elegant style of furniture and balanced taste. Look as established in one fell swoop, and indeed its history is quite interesting is not so trite. Almost unbelievable is that here each item that is an integral part of the overall perception, in fact has taken place at a certain stage of the interior design. Moreover, the contemporary interior design of this house was created and continues to be gradually supplemented. Every single detail was added to the total ensemble as a result of an incredibly successful symbiosis, mutual trust and understanding between the designer and the owners.


Contemporary Interior Design

Going, eyes focused on a number of slender tulips in neutral, muted beige range of soft purple background. Dining room and kitchen are united in a common space, decided in an elegant and simple style. Soft light descends from the atrium and outlines corner fireplace


Contemporary Interior Design

Bamboo floors coated with varnish cyanic raised slightly above the floor of the granite with a smooth and oval lines, distinguished dining and living room. The colors are warm and pastel, purple, silver harmony with the overall range of hot and also focuses in the vertical wall and perception complements in line with dark violet in the daily aksesoraite. Natural brown and highlights the delicate stands caramel and sandy shades.


Contemporary Livign Room 
Interior Design

Light passes through the nuances of smoky coffee color, olive green, pearl-pale golden curtains of acetate taffeta and organza. Those nuances in detecting and pillows on the leather sofa in the contemporary living room.


Contemporary Kitchen and Dining Room 
Interior Design

Decorative dining niches are lined with colored concrete, resembling natural stone. Leather furniture, carpets, tables in the kitchen and dining room chairs, bar stools, tables and kitchen to the living room furniture are great. Every detail is discussed and ultimately dominate the smart decision. The role of the designer is to provoke interest and to show multiple implementations ready and options for choice and inspiration. This leads to harmony, trust and understanding that really leaves a mark on the overall look and feel in this contemporary interior.Kitchen design combines comfort and style in an unassuming brown. Colorful accent - spice rack, bring warmth and life in space. Nearby is situated and a separate room used to store products and more.


Contemporary Bedroom and Bathroom
Interior Design

On the second floor of the house are contemporary bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, office and conservatory in the process of finishing. Here again dominate the light entering through the wide open spaces of the atrium. The bedrooms are compact and sought comfort and maximum opening of the spacious and picturesque view of the southern foothills of the mountain.Contemporary bathrooms are another nice addition to this home. Modern design and a minimum quantity of items combined with perfect taste. Space is planned and decided behind folding doors - mirror allocated shelves for shoes.


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